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Call for Abstracts

2023 ASCO Breakthrough (August 3-5, 2023)

Helpful Tips Before You Begin Your Submission:

  • To submit an abstract, you will need to log in with an account. If you are not an ASCO member, you can create a guest account. The person submitting the abstract is not required to be an author on the abstract and will be able to select the first/presenting author on the designated step.
  • Submitters will be automatically assigned an abstract control number once they complete the Title step in the submitter.
  • Abstracts may be viewed and modified at any time between submission and the deadline (Tuesday, April 11, 2023 at 11:59 PM ET), by the designated submitter or the first author. Your ASCO username and password are required to log in and edit the submission.
  • All authors' conflict of interest disclosure information is required to complete a submission. To do so:
    • Distribute the Coauthor Disclosure Form to your coauthors, collect responses, and manually enter them at the COI Disclosure step. It is recommended to collect this information before starting your submission.
    • Authors can submit their disclosure electronically through the ASCO Disclosure Management System. If an author has provided his/her disclosure through the system already, the information will automatically populate across all of their submissions.
  • Please note: there is a nonrefundable $30 (USD) fee to complete each submission. It is payable by credit card only. Please call your bank in advance of submitting payment as many International credit card companies may require pre-authorization for the payment to go through successfully.
  • ASCO Customer Service is available Monday - Friday from 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM ET by phone (888-282-2552 or 703-299-0158) or email.

Manuscript Development Workshop at ASCO Breakthrough

Presenters of accepted abstracts will be eligible to attend the pre-meeting Manuscript Development Workshop. To sign-up, click hereFor more information, please visit our website.

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